If you are a frequent visitor to Maui and The Gardens at West Maui, chances are you’ve been to your fair share of luaus. More than likely you’ve taken a surfboard lesson or three, watched the whales more times than you can remember and posed for the umpteenth time for yet another photo beneath the Banyan Tree. We’re not saying don’t do one or any of those fun things ever again; what we are suggesting is breaking free of your comfort zone and experiencing the never-before-tried or never-thought-to-do on your next visit. In searching the web for new and interesting Maui activities, we came across an article by blogger-author Annette entitled “Maui bucket list: 43 best things to do on the coolest Hawaiian island.” Space prohibits us from sharing all 43 of them, so instead we’ve taken a handy eight-item sample from Annette’s well researched and well written list and posted it here for your consideration. If you’d like to read all 43 (and we urge you to do so), please click on the above link.

Swim with Sea Turtles

Though sea turtles can be found in many snorkeling areas on the island, one of my favorites was Maui’s Olowalu Reef. Kayak Olowalu has an excursion where not only can you kayak through the smooth waters, but also pop on a mask to snorkel, and if nature is on your side quite possibly swim with some sea turtles. If you are lucky, a few sharks will be roaming around ready to share your ocean space.



Walk on a Black Sand Beach

While contemplating which of the Road to Hana stops you will make, don’t miss the one at mile marker 32, the Wai’anapanapa Black Sand Beach. Take the short, steep trail down to the beachfront, take off your shoes and walk along the shiny black sand. It was one of my favorite Things to do in Maui.


Sleep in a Yurt

Prior to traveling to Maui, I had never even heard of a yurt. But, now I know that these tent-like shelters that are used by Central Asian nomads can be a unique lodging option. At Luana Resort Spa in Hana not only can you sleep in a cozy yurt, but you can also have a variety of spa services in one too.



Milk a Goat

Maui is home to Surfing Goat Dairy which is located in lower Kula of Maui’s Upcountry and has been producing gourmet goat cheeses for nine years. They offer a variety of tours, one of which you can milk an actual goat! After the milking is complete don’t forget to eat a creamy goat cheese truffle while at the goat dairy.


See a Blow Hole

Though the Road to Hana is the most famous roads in Maui, it is not the only place to take an incredible drive. Traveling north from Kapalua to the Nakalele Blow Holewon’t disappoint either. The natural wonder gives off quite a show when the tide and surf combine. Just don’t get too close! You can easily get sucked in.


Smell the Lavender

In the Upcountry region of Maui, you will find Alli Kula Lavender Farm. Although lavender is not native to Maui, and they are not always blooming, a walk through the gardens during the season is definitely bucket list worthy.


Witness Lava Rock

Another one of the amazing things to do in Maui is to take a drive along Makena Road and through the Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve for cool peek at the lava fields. It looks like something from the set of Star Wars! The surreal landscape was created by the lava flowing from Mt. Haleakala.


Learn to Husk a Coconut

A coconut has a rough exterior shell which is the husk. Corn husking may not be the most practical skill you ever learn, but a fun thing to do none the less. Classes are often given at the Whalers Village in Lahaina.