Providing a wonderful vacation experience for you isn’t just an aspiration; it’s our obligation. We know your complete satisfaction hinges on many factors, not the least of which are guest accommodations that offer all the comforts of home and quality that can be seen and felt.

That means more than just ample space and convenient amenities. It also requires a commitment to taking out the old and bringing in the new. And that’s just what we’ve done here at The Gardens at West Maui! As part of our major guest room refurbishment project, we have added new cabinets, granite countertops, furniture, carpet, lamps, artwork and bedding, giving our comfortable accommodations an entirely new look and feel.

New balcony furniture and small appliances, expected sometime in March, will complete the ensemble. Please take a look at the photos, which are wonderfully representative but no substitute for the real thing. Book a visit with us and see for yourself!